How to Change Outlook Password in Windows Outlook Express

How to change outlook password is one of the most vital things to do. With today’s threats, it is very important for your computer system to have a strong password protection system in place. You can not trust anyone else to make the right changes for you. It is very important for you to take time and decide what information should be protected and what information should remain confidential. Here is how to change outlook password and what actions you need to perform in the process.

how to change outlook password

Most people do not realize that they need to change the password on an account. In fact, hackers and other people who try to get access to your personal information and files may be able to gain access through monitoring your email activity. So, it is vital that you change the account password at least once in a month. These days it is very important to update your Outlook emails and passwords frequently because of the increasing occurrences of cyber Attacks. Therefore, many companies all around the world are now following this recommendation and also recommending their staff members.

How to change outlook password and what actions you need to perform is quite easy to explain. You first have to access the Windows Outlook window. Then go to settings and click on the mailbox. The next step is to click on account settings and you will see a link named auto manager.

There is a link named ‘change account window’ and you have to click on it. This will open a new dialog box. Here you will see two text boxes. Inside the second text box, type a new password. When you are finished, enter it and save it to your desktop by pressing the ‘submit’ button.

If you have multiple email accounts, you will have to open the ‘Change Account Settings’ dialog box for each of them and then type your new password. It is recommended that you change the password for all your email accounts at the same time. However, if you do not have any email accounts or you are changing the password for the first time, you should not have done it yet for all the accounts. You can do so when the password is successfully set for the first time. However, if there are some changes that you want to do, you should wait until the email account settings have been changed for all the email accounts.

Now that you know how to change Outlook password, you should proceed to following steps. Firstly, you will have to go to ‘Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs’. This will open a new dialog box where you will select next. You will see that you will have to select’Outlook > Application Settings’ and then ‘Remove’.

After the above step, you will have to click on the ‘Remove now’ button. Then, you will be able to proceed to ‘Contoso Internet Email Address’. In the ‘mail exchanger’ window, click on the ‘Delete’ button. Finally, you should close all the windows before you can start working on Outlook again. When you are done, you should move to the ‘Change Password’ window. You will see that it will ask you for a new password.

There is an Outlook password change wizard in the software which you can follow to log in again with the new password. This will help you to easily reset the password of your Outlook Express. To learn more about password options in Outlook Express, you can log on to the Microsoft Office site. Here, you will get helpful tips on how to change Outlook password, how to create custom passwords, how to change email address automatically, and how to change email provider. You also get tips on how to protect your passwords and what changes you should make to the default settings in Windows Outlook Express to enhance your security.