Landmines Minecraft 1.17.1 mod

This mod adds a variety of interesting landmines that can be hidden in plain sight right after arming them. Just place one down like the standard explosive landmine and shift + right-click it with an empty hand to arm it. It will then sink into the block you placed it on ready to be triggered!

Advanced Compass Minecraft 1.17.1 mod

The Advanced Compass mod adds a bar to the top of the screen that gives detailed information beyond simply what direction you are traveling in. It shows any entities and players as well as death waypoints and how far away they all are.

Building Wands Minecraft 1.16.5 mod

Building Wands is a neat little mod that adds 4 tiers of wands: stone, iron, diamond, and netherite. Each tier increases the amount of blocks the wands can duplicate ranging from 9 to 128. Very simply you can copy blocks you place or blocks that are already placed with a right-click of the wand. So you can take one wood plank block and right-click with the wand to build it up to the desired height.

Physics Mod Minecraft 1.16.5 mod

The Physics Mod is a ridiculously fun way to experience the way blocks and mobs behave once they’ve been broken or killed. Blocks will break apart into several chunks before disappearing. You’ll still be able to collect the standard block drops as normal but this mod makes for a fun spin on the whole foundation of the game.

Burn in the Sun Minecraft 1.17 mod

Burn in the Sun is a neat, albeit pretty morbid tweak that allows you to set what entities will burn during the daytime. Normally only skeletons and zombies (and similar variants) burn when the sun comes up but now you can configure any mobs to attempt to brave the scorching heat. You’ll need to know a bit about editing the config file located in the .minecraft folder or you can use a mod called Configured found here to edit the mod within the game. The screenshots below are using the Configured settings but the same commands simply need to be applied to the config file and saved before launching Minecraft. You have the ability to add any mobs you want by adding the command “minecraft:[mob name]” to the file.

Realistic Bees Minecraft 1.16.5 mod

Realistic Bees is a mod that aims to improve the behaviors and frequency of bees in Minecraft. You’ll notice right away how many more are visible around their hives and they seem much more natural than before.